Trackway systems for LED Screens- Trackrunner®

With automation systems now becoming more readily available within the entertainment industry, it makes sense to consider new ways of making Large Format Displays and LED Screens more dynamic.

The new Automation range from TVC includes the Trackrunner® which is a fully linear, programmable- and expandable trackway system, capable of move LCD Displays, LED Screens and Projection Surfaces with ease. Each Motorised runner can move up to 500KG of load with the use of passive runners. Show programming is done with the use of AVO Lites Quartz Titan Console (although any DMX control system will be suitable) The Quartz console also integrates with AVO Lites range of Ai Media Servers, making a fulling integrated solution for motion and video content- enable shows to be created and run from the touch of just run go button!

Safety- As with all motion elements within entertainment safety is paramount. All automation systems have safety interlocks,- both on the trackway units themselves and E-Stop controls with will stop all movement immediately on ALL units when the button is depressed. A master key switch is also needed in order to operate the system.

For larger setups, Kinesys LibraCell Loadcells are used, along with LibraPro, enabling full monitoring of loads on the Track throughout. Should lateral loads exceed rated limits, the system will be automatically disabled, until the loads have been reduced within the set safety limits.

The Trackrunner® Systems are suitable for clients wishing to achieve a reveal,- either on stage or as part of a product launch- for example Cars, where the screen can be split, either in two, or multiple sections and programmed to open / close / slide during specific parts of a show- all in realtime. Rotation elements can also be added, to then almost completely ‘hide’ displays during a show by rotating them 90 Degrees.

The Capture® Visualiser, works in conjunction with the AVO Lites consoles and enables real-time playback of motion and video playback of a show, even taking a live video stream from a compatible media server, allowing clients to view and conceptialise projects, without needed the entire system setup. This can also be provided with Lighting and other set elements to create a full feel of the show in advance.

All automation systems are kept in hire stock and are available with very short lead-times. Contact us today for more information