HD Studio Cameras

As part of our broadcast offering, TVC stock JVC Pro HD Fibre Channels. Ideal for Events, Conferences and Festivals requiring an ‘all-in-one’ professional HD Grade solution

The JVC Studio Channels can be provided with a variety of HD Lenses. As standard, we supply them with Fujinon XA20’s with full Digital Zoom and Focus Demands. HD Box Lenses and HJ Series Canon Lenses are also available on request.

With SMPTE Fibre backs, we can utilise industry standard Lemo SMPTE Fiber cable, of which we stock over 1000m, on deployable skeleton reels.

Wireless video links from IDX and Boxx are also available for hire and can be provided as a complete wireless package for customers looking for a complete turnkey roaming solution.

For wireless comms, we have Duplex Base stations and handhelds with noise cancelling headsets available in hire stock