Remote PTZ Camera Hire

TVC Productions offer a range of of remote camera systems, including the BR Remote range- HDC-160 and Camball Full HD Remote Heads. Also available to hire are Multi-Function Controllers and RCP’s, these can be utilised for various camera makes and models. This allows an engineer to have full control over various camera settings such as white balance, neutral density and IRIS to name a few; letting your operators focus entirely on tracking and keeping their subject in frame.

The remote cameras we have available are lightweight and compact. They can be mounted on desktops, ceiling brackets, tripods or trusses allowing for a wide range of possibilities and the capacity to achieve unorthodox and difficult shots. Remote camera systems offer quite the flexibility and scope, where traditional manned cameras are not practical or allowed to be used.


We offer various signal distribution systems for camera deployment, including SMPTE Fiber units, which can carry data, power and HD video over one Hybrid fiber cable. As well as this, stage boxes are also available allowing multiple I/O connectivity, ideal for stage situations where multiple heads are being deployed.

If a remote camera system sounds like an ideal solution for your projects needs then please do not hesitate to contact TVC for more information. We provide both dry hire and crewed solutions.

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