Mobile LED Screens

TVC have a range of different types of mobile led screens for hire.

Mobile screens offer a far quicker solution from arrival on site to erection of screen- which takes just 15 minutes once in position.We offer a range of comprehensive packages, which include cameras for live events, a package which can be ready in just 30 minutes from arrival!

Live beam-back packages are also available with P.A which are ideal for public screened events and sporting events. All of our mobile LED screens for hire are fitted with 5mm LED screen for optimum image quality and resolution.

Why not compliment your Mobile Screen Hire with one of our Camera Packages? We can provide both fixed position Manned Cameras, Wireless Roaming Links and PTZ Remote Cameras, along with Live Twitter Feeds and even Replay systems for sporting and racing events!

For events only lasting several days, mobile led screens offer a far more cost effective solution over modular LED screens. They also posses generators, so can be fully self contained units. However, mains power can also be used from a 32A 3 Phase Supply if preferred. The screen masts feature full 360 Degree rotation and can be moved even whilst the event is running if required.

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