PLED-205/7S 5/7mm EDGE LED

PLED 205/7S

Looking to create an LED Cube? this could be the perfect solution! The LED screens design allows it to be used edge to edge for both vertical and horizontal scenario. This allows you to effectively create a fully enclosed cube of required dimensions. For this reason the panels have very good viewing angles both horizontally and vertically.

The panels also feature deformation possibilities to create curved concave or convex surfaces. The versatility allows this product to be used in a wide range of extremely creative build solutions. We also other another solution for curved builds with the PLED 203X.

Most importantly, both variants are also IP rated, so can be used for outdoor installations, making them ideal for external experiential campaigns. A high light output of 5000 NITS ensures a vivid image, even in sunlight.

At just 14.8kg per sqm, it is also incredibly light weight.


  • BRIGHTNESS: >3500 NIT (205S) / >5000 NIT (207S)
  • SIZE: (WxH): 50x100cm
  • LED TYPE: SMD 3535 SurLED 180° surface view !
  • WEIGHT: 7.4kg/cab—14.8kg/m²
  • PIXELS: 205S—9230 pix/m² 48x96 pix/cab—10.4mm pitch
    207S—16384 pix/m² 64x128 pix/cab — 7.8mm pitch
  • CURVE: HORIZONTAL 90° till 359° – VERTICAL 90° till 359°
  • POWER: 0.78 Amp/cab—220Volt
  • CONNECTION: Neutrik Powercon / Ethercon
  • FLYFRAME: Special brackets—max 10 cab Height
  • SPECIALS: NUT M8 at back corners
    Very creative solution build options, super light weight!