Full Event Production

With every Live event, comes the need for extensive production, which can be anything from Audio, Lighting, to Video and Rigging. Good practice of all these elements by a contractor at any event is crucial,- not just to form a seamless production, but to ensure safety of everyone working on the event as well as visitors and spectators.

Often organisers are seeking companies who can offer the ‘full solution under one roof’, which whilst there are many legitimate and established business able to offer this comprehensive package, there are many companies, that specialise in some of the elements and ‘cobble’ together the rest, resulting in a poorly executed production, which is bad news for the organiser and even more bad news for the visitors to the event or show.

This also raises safety concerns, as anyone working in areas they are not familiar with, can often result in corners being cut. TVC have identified these issues and have a close network of respected and renowned parters, allowing us to provide that fully integrated solution for your event.

Most importantly this all comes with the knowledge that each element is being carried out and cared for by a specialist in their field, resulting in less hassle for the client- seamless integration from conception to completion and knowing there are always knowledgeable crew within the specific elements on the job. To find out how TVC can provide full technical production for your event, contact us at production@tvc-ltd.tv

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