TVC were approached by Purple Group to provide a complete AV package for the BT Sales Kick Off Conference in the Hague. The brief necessitated LED Signage, but in an innovative way. A 3.9mm LED Flex was used, wrapped around two curved circular truss systems.
Content was managed via Brightsign 4K Media Signage Players, along with other 12 x 55” LCD Displays at various places around the venue. Everything was then centrally managed back in the production office, where content for all the displays was updated several times a day.

A hot seat area was also created for BT and Cisco Management to talk about the technology/products and how these are changing the face of the internet and productivity in meeting spaces. Several Panasonic AW-HE120 Remote Hothead Cameras were used, along with an AW-RP120 Controller and HRP-200G RCP’s in order to capture the live interviews.

A BlackMagic ATEM Switcher was used to switch the feeds and also provide lower third over-lays and bugs throughout the day. Due to the flexibility and architecture of the Blackmagic ATEM Switchers, all of the ingested content and lower thirds were managed over network from the production office. A live TX feed was provided in the Production office via Decoder.

The event demonstrated how a streamlined Digital Signage and Event TV type solution can be deployed for any scale of event and centrally managed by a production team.
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