TVC provided a full broadcast solution for the annual sailing regatta which is Cowes Week- attracting over 100,000 visitors each year, it is classed as one of the largest sailing regattas in the world. Working along side Event TV and outcome Specialists Next Generation Results.

Two Sony HDC-2500 HD cameras were used in conjunction with fiber Channels, each fitted with Canon HJ40 Lenses. The Extenders on the HJ40’s allow up-close shots of yachts further out in the solent, bring the spectators even closer to the action on all the 5mm Outdoor LED Screens, which are located around Cowes for the duration of the event.

3 x Panasonic AW-HE120 cameras were used for discrete filming locations remotely, bring high quality HD shots back to the studio. All heads were racked by a dedicated operator in the production studio, using Sony RCP-1500 and Panasonic HRP-200G Panels- All linked to the camera systems via ethernet.

The TX of the broadcast was then sent to the NGR Bunker, where all feeds were injested and distributed to the various 5mm Outdoor LED Screens and also as Live Streams on the Cowes Week TV Channel. Live results were also broadcast from here, with an automated playout system, switching between results and live feeds. This was another great example of how NGR’s Advanced Event TV Playout system can be used for live events- with their own proprietary HD Players, connected to various screens throughout the network, delivery was in full 1080p throughout.

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Credit:  AMD Studios

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