ENG Cameras

TVC stock JVC HM-790 ENG Cameras, which can be used as either standalone ENG Format cameras, or as a full wireless roaming camera rig, with full telemetry camera control.

The JVC HM-790 Cameras come as standard with Fujinon HD 20x Zoom Lenses, HD-SDI out and V-Lock Battery Kits. Various Tripod options are available. For ENG use, the 850’s can record directly on to SD Card, or even wirelessly stream to a desired end-point.

Wireless camera control can be achieved using our Bradley Universal RCP’s (The same as used with our Robotic Cameras) and the RD-11 Telemetry kit. This means that data streams for both robotic cameras and wireless ENG links can be combined into one single data stream of fiber link (Ideal for when Fiber Stage boxes are deployed)

Wireless video links from IDX and Boxx are available for hire and can be provided as a complete wireless package for customers looking for a complete turnkey roaming solution.

For wireless comms, we have Duplex Base stations and handhelds with noise cancelling headsets available in hire stock