Dataton™ Watchout 6

Amongst the tools we utilise here at TVC is Dataton Watchout 6, a software-based video processing solution. Essentially multi-display software it allows the user to generate visually engaging video content. The process begins on a production computer where we analyse your particular needs as well as conceptualise the nature of the visual content, everything occurs on the stage: you can think of this as a canvas incorporating as many displays/surfaces as you require.


Importantly, amongst the content that can be added to the stage are still images, image sequences, audio and 3D models. Video and live computer screens can be included and live feeds can also imported into the project such as  live cameras and presentations. Effects such as transparency, path-based animation, blending etc. can also be added to static media on the stage.


Furthermore the client can use Dataton WATCHNET as a method of remote control on their compatible mobile device to schedule presentations and as a means of content management, something which in comparison to other playback applications is a very powerful tool.

The only limit to your project is imagination; we can take your concept and turn it into a reality using our various skills and extensive knowledge of products.such as Dataton Watchout 6 We’re confident we can turn your idea into a reality that exceeds your expectations so please do not hesitate to contact TVC for more information.